Monitoring CPU temps using MSI Afterburner?

This may very well be a noob question, but I'm a bit confused in this part:

There are 8 "Cpu" temperatures that I can monitor and I'm guessing those are cores right? So if I have an I7 4770(non K) How many of those graphs do I need to select so I can monitor all the necessary info?

I'm using CoreTemp and its showing me 4 core temperatures so do I need to select only 4 in MSI Afterburner? I can also set it so that CoreTemp shows me only the one core that has the Highest core temp is there I way I can do this in MSI Afterburner so I can see it In-game?
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    The 8 CPU temperatures does refer to the number of cores. The reason why CoreTemp only shows four is because of the Hyper-Threading technology on your CPU. The temperatures of the cores should all be the same. You only really need to select the first CPU temperature.
  2. Afterburn is showing all 4 cores and then the 4 Hyperthread cores as well. Coretemp is just showing you the 4 physical cores. This must be a new update in Afturburn as I just updated to 3.0.1, normally I would run afturburn just for the GPU and coretemp for the cpu.
  3. Alright thanks guys!
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