Should I upgrade my CPU fan or my GPU first?

I have a barely better than stock thermal take fan for my CPU I was thinking of upgrading it to a Corsair H100i,and for my GPU I have a GTX 650Ti I am also thinking of upgrading it to a XFX Radeon R7 260X,should I upgrade the cooler for my CPU first or get a new GPU? Thank You
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  1. Well, what are you trying to achieve? If it's better frame rates and detail in your games, CPU fan has little to do with it - you need a better GPU.

    That said, if your CPU or GPU are getting too hot, a better CPU fan and also better case cooling are necessary
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    For better performance, the gpu should be upgraded.

    The R7 260X is not really an upgrade from a 650 ti as they are in the same performance category

    If you want a noticeable performance increase go for an R9 270/270X
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