Asus Hd 7750 1 gb ddr 5 vs gigabyte gtx 650 OC 2 gb ddr 5

Which one is better and how much does the gtx

consume will a 400w psu be enough i can get them at almost the same price
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    The Gigabyte GTX 650 OC 2gb card is the best among those two.And remember one thing the nvidia cards dont use much power and produce less heat compared to the amd cards.And the GTX 650 is 2gb.So you can get more benefit with it.I'm using HD 7770 1gb GDDR5 since 2months and i'm not satisfied with it cause 1gb is too low for the present games.So you need 2gb.So the best is to choose the GTX 650.And 400 watts would be sufficient for those two cards if it is a nice one.You should have the PSU from branded manufacturers like Corsair,Thermaltake,Seasonic,Cooler Master,Gigabyte and some other.And if you even have a low branded power supply,your system would be fail to run it and you may need to change your psu again.So better get a corsair 450 watts or 550 watts so it may help in future upgrade of your pc.So better luck.Just the answer is GTX 650 2gb GDDR5 OC.So better get it before the price rise up....HAPPY GAMING.choose as best answer if it helped you
  2. The HD 7750 requires at least a 400w power supply and the GTX 650 uses up to 75w.
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