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I was wondering if it is possible to communicate between 2 BLE devices when one is placed inside the car and another placed outside the car. Can BLE communicate in such a scenario?

For example, I have a sensor system (collision avoidance system) placed on the grill area of the car, It is connected with BLE to transmit the sensor data. There is another BLE placed inside the car which is receiving the data from the sensor, so when driving the car (consider all the windows are closed) can I receive those data from the collision avoidance sensor inside the car?
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  1. You can test and see simply by putting your phone on the bumper and then go sit in the car and try to connect your headset. I imagine it would work but be unreliable esp in certain areas where RF interference might be high
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    The majority of Bluetooth devices on the market today include the basic 30 foot, or 10 meter, range of the Classic Bluetooth radio, but there is no limit imposed by the Specification.
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