Probleme : SSD (Win7) + HDD (Games)

Hi all,

Like in the title, Windows 7 is on my SSD (only 40gb so just for Win7 (It's not a lot but only 20€ ^^)) and the games from origin for exemple on the HDD. The installation was easy, but after, it's the problem.
For BF3 : The loading of maps is good, but ater, in the game, impossible to play (5 fps..)
For Fifa 14 : Anything, just crash when loading game.

Before, with only the HDD, the games were good to play !
I don't know why now it's different..maybe to have office on SDD and game launched on the HDD ?

My graphic card is uptated and good. I don't know what happenned..
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    Resolved !
    Just change user account location to the same drive of the game by this tutotial :
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