Help with connecting an active subwoofer to a set of 2.0 Speakers.

At the moment I have a set of Creative T40 Series II 2.0 Speakers.

I want to buy and connect an active subwoofer if possible (Yamaha YSTFSW050)

First of all, i'm assuming it is possible to connect a subwoofer to these speakers. Are there any adapters that i'd need in order to connect them? Bearing in mind, these speakers are currently connect to my PC by the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

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  1. First of all, you don't connect an active subwoofer to "speakers", you connect it to a line level output. That being said, you need an audio card that has that output, whether it's an internal PCIe card or an external box.

    Does your motherboard have a subwoofer out?
  2. I have the Sabertooth 990FX Rev 2.0. There's an orange 'c/sub' port among the 6 audio jacks, not sure if that's the one I need. I was considering buying a sound card, but if its not necessary, then I'll leave it.
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    there u go then... use that orange port for the sub
  4. only problem with connecting a sub to the sound card is the volume control of the speakers will not control the volume of the sub. you would have to set the speakers and sub to the desired volume control, then use windows volume control for the overall volume. If the sub has a high level input, you could chop the speaker wires going to each of the creative speakers, route them through the high level input on the sub and back out to the speakers. Thats if you dont mind chopping the speaker wire......
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