How to clone all from one hard drive to another except the operating system???

I had an HP Pavilion that was approximately 5 years old. Due to a cold solder joint in the power supply, my motherboard was damaged. At first I though the hard drive was going out and bought a 3T Seagate hard drive at BestBuy. Later that day, we discovered that it was the power supply instead. System would boot, but only stay up a few hours to a few minutes.

So, ordered a new mother board/chip, and Power Supply from NewEgg. Installed everything, including both old and new hard drives and all came up, booting off the old hard drive. However, kept wanting to run DskChk everytime, so figured the hard drive will be dying soon. Also, there were some conflicts finding and identifying hardware when I ran the disk that came with the motherboard, so I did a fresh install of Windows 7 on the new hard. Now I'd like to clone everything but the operating system onto the new hard drive. I have a couple of programs where I've lost the disks (one of which requires a dongal), and a couple that don't have any more installs left so just re-installing those softwares is not an option. This is a business computer. I am not a gamer, nor really a hardware person, but I can follow clear instructions as long as there are no assumptions that I know anything. (spell it out like you were talking to a 3 year old :??:). Any advice or guidance in this would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are several free disk copy software's is a link with details....
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