websites to build custom laptops in canada

hi im looking for a website in Canada that builds custom laptops for under $1000 thanks
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  1. to quote the big lebowski "You're out of your element Donny."
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    A custom-built laptop for under $1,000 is generally hard to find (our own custom-built laptops start at $1,000). There are a handful of companies that ship to Canada, but the shipping costs will run in the hundreds.

    The only one I could find is - (

    I'd recommend checking out non-custom-built laptops ( to find a laptop in your price range. :)
  3. To elaborate on my rather vague response... Custom build laptops are expensive. Entry level, non custom built gaming laptops start at around $1000. to help answer your question better can you tell us what is the computer going to be for? why does it need to be a laptop? why custom?
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