have ivy mobo, buy ivy or new mobo + haswell?

Hello. I started saving for a PC a while a go (hence ivy mobo) and then had other things I needed to spend money on :(. I have so far bought the mobo, case and PSU and want to know whether it is worth buying a new mobo (was around £50-60) or to just stick with ivy bridge. The CPU will either be a xeon e3 1230v2 or 1230v3 depending on motherboard choice. This will be a silence optimised digital audio workstation + gaming, in case its relevent. Thanks.
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  1. Ivy Bridge and Haswell both use 1150 (or 2011) pin CPUs. It may be best to wait and buy all your components together and make sure you get compatible stuff right at the time you're going to buy.
  2. Thanks for the reply but Ivy bridge = lga1155 and haswell = lga1150.
  3. Darn.. sorry. It's been such a long time. I forgot. :)

    Still, save your money, don't buy individual components until you can buy all.
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    Since you already have the ivy bridge mobo, and the performance difference between the 2 isn't that great, it makes the most sense to me to buy the v2 chip, and save the cost of another motherboard, plus the higher cost of the v3.
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