500watt PSU enough for this system?

I am upgrading my current system by upgrading the CPU to a FX-6350, to a GPU which is the Asus R9 270X and to either a Corsair CX 500 builder series or a Novatech 500watt powerstation V2 modular
Links to the PSU's
I am wondering if they will cope with the the upgrades that I am getting as I dont want to go over £45 for a PSU
PS my motherboard is a M5A97 PRO which will cope with both upgrades I just need advice on the GPUs thanks for any replys! :)
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    try this instead its much reliable and better psu compared to the cx series of corsair which had a tendency to throttle at loads....and yes 500 watt will be but 550 will what i recommend...
  2. Thank you for replying but I am looking for a PSU for around £45 I have a tight budget of around £330ish my current PSU is a Sumvision Xpower 3 800watt however i believe that you burnt out my previous hard drive :P
  3. yes that's the reason i am suggesting xfx for your hardware's safety dont risk your system for just £5
  4. Good point, is there a modular version of this PSU or semi modular for around the same price wattage and efficiency? I go mad over cable management sorry :S

    Go to this link and input your specs and possible future upgrades and it will tell what wattage to use.

    Get a seasonic or a corsair...preferably a seasonic
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    this is what i get its modular but 80+ gold and is way over your budget, so i think u have to be creative with the cable management :)
  7. It really is, thank you for giving me a great solution!
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