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[SOLVED] 40 C in idle but %46 throttling in stress test - 4790k

Hello. I just owned the 4790k and with the stock cooler, it stays 35-40 C in idle but when I doing Intel Extreme Tuning Utility's stress test, the printscreen is this:

I just bought a Seidon 120V Plus, in 3 days it will came but is this normal with the stock cooler? My mb is Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI. I downgraded the CPU Vcore to 1.120 v but it's still the same.
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  1. You are seeing 4.1Ghz. With the stock cooler, thermal overload protection keeps throttling the CPU back at 100C.

    It seems normal (although I'd not ever have tried this with a Stock cooler since I don't like running my CPU at that temperature.
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    I went to the service. They fitted the stock cooler in turned other position. The problem is solved, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility stress test is in max. 78 C now. Thanks.
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