is there a test to see how solid/stable your wifi is on certain pcs and devices

hi, im am testing out different cards since i ordered a couple open box wireless cards and will send a couple back but is there a program that tells you how strong/solid a connection is to the router downstairs? maybe even delay or latency?

i used ping to test for packet loss and ping
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  1. check out ssider for windows

    No latency but you can do ping tests for that
  2. I tend to use a very old program called IPERF to test lan connections. The default setting just trys to see how much tcp data it can push though the connection but it has a number of other options that can measure things like jitter.

    It will not tell you the signal strength but signal strength is only a part of the issue since you can have good signal levels but get poor performance if you have lots of interference. Still whatever device can push the most data is still the best choice no matter how many bars it says it has.

    You are best served to have one of the machines on the wired ports of the router it makes the test much more valid. Running multiple wireless signals causes lots of random derogation so its hard to get good test results.
  3. what should I ping or should I use some program to ping/how to
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    If you open CMD(start>run>cmd) and type ping -t

    If you do this it will show if you ping ever times out meaning you either lost connection or it was a large delay
    Show long of a delay you have between each ping

    it will just do this forever till you stop it
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