GTX 780Ti SC - PSU has one 6 Pin ONLY

My PSU is not too old, 700 watts, non-modular, my current card is a 7850 OC Edition and I've just bought a GTX 780 TI SC, however. My PSU only has a 6 PIN connector going to the gfx card, I see that the GTX 780 TI SC has a couple adapters with it, so would it work this way > I plug the 6 pin, into the adapter, which then gives me a 6 and an 8? I've got no idea and it's very confusing. I don't really want to upgrade my PSU since the card was expensive I've no more money left.
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  1. What is the make and model of your power supply?
  2. I would think that you use the 6 pin as is and if you don't have a 8 pin you use the 2ed 6 pin for the adaptor running the 6 and 8 off the single 6 pin leg may be too much for it [???]

    never ran in to this best to look before you leap
  3. What is the exact model of your PSU?
  4. I will check the model of my PSU now and report back.
  5. Yeah, that unit isn't great, and it's not meant to handle a GTX 780 Ti; I'm afraid you'll need a new PSU.
  6. Damn, could you recommend me one, cheap preferably from ebuyer, any website except Amazon?
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  8. a lot rides on a psu .. but lots of folks go cheap on that.
  9. Are there any in the 20-30 GBP range?
  10. ViciousUK said:
    Are there any in the 20-30 GBP range?

    Everything in that price range is either insufficient or bad quality, usually both.
  11. ViciousUK said:
    Are there any in the 20-30 GBP range?

    I wouldnt go any cheaper than this unit

    I wouldnt try and plug it into that CIT unit, they are very poor quality.
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