Annoying noise throw the speakers

Hello so today I purchesed the Samsung HT-F450K.
I hooked it up and every thing sounds great!, but I'm getting this weird noise out of the speakres and nothing helps, I tried to reconnect everything, all sorts of stuff.
it's not the source, cause even when I disconnect the hdmi, optical and aux, the noise is still there.
it's especially comes from the front left speakers ( his cables goes of the back of the TV if it mattes)
what can I do to fix this ?
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  1. did you try to remove it far from the tv it could receive electromagnetic from her so the sound cable need to be shield or get one of a better quality .
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    Route your speaker cable away from all other cables, espically power wire and anything that is an analog signal.

    Did you try disconneting all of the sources?
    For sainity check, try putting a different speaker and different cable in that location, its always possible that you have a neighbor throwing out RF interferance with hamm radio or some other low freq rf.

    Wont help this issue but it is advised to get thicker gauge (smaller number) wire instead of the junk 22ga wire that comes with your theater system. Go for a good 18 or 16 ga wire (16 is better but many low end speakers wont fit 16 ga wiring).
  3. but the connections behind the device is not like push and insert like a normal receiver, I need to get some kind of an adapter I guess
  4. What do they look like? are they banana plugs? screws terminals?
  5. Have you placed different surge protectors running from different outlets than the other devices. I had a ground loop problem that was solved that way.
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