FX 8350 + ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer

Hello guys!
Today, the last two components I needed for my build(AMD FX 8350 CPU and Kingston HyperX Fury Red 1866Mhz CL10) were shipped to me, so I proceeded mounting them.

Everything is fine, the system started at the very first press of the power button, I installed an OS(W8.1), and I started testing..
I immediately discovered two rather worrying things.
First, NB temp. The NB radiator litterally burns, I can't touch it for more than a sec, though I can't find any info on the temp, apart from an 193.5 degrees in HWInfo.
My "hand-o-termometer" tells me that it's not that high, but it might as well be in the neighbourhood of 70.

Second, CPU Voltage. 1.425V set automatically, I need some help regarding the settings that need to be disabled in the BIOS, and the voltage i should set manually.
Fortunately my H80i manages to keep the CPU cool, around 35 idle, and 57 prime95 20mins.

So please advise! :)
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  1. Yes that voltage is high for no overclock.
  2. So as I was navigating through BIOS, i managed to set the voltage to 1.375V, and it stays like that, but there is someting that bothers me. I ran a stability test in AIDA64, and i noticed a huge 0.8V V-drop, which tells me that some sort of energy saving feature, or thermal throtling is still active(although temp never got past 57, stabilized at 55 after 30mins).
    And also that NB temp, i can't get a read on it...
    HW Monitor says 63 degrees, which to be fair, i think it's pretty OK, since I've been told that these chipsets tend to run hot.
    Even the CPU is idling at 40 degrees...
    What i want from you guys, is a list of settings i should make in the BIOS, in order for the system to run smooth.
    I'll try to mount new fans, to create more airflow, and then start messing with the BIOS, after i got the settings from you.
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