How do i reduce my CPU fan speed?

So my last intel stock fan didn't do the job and I had to replace a entire new MB for it. Now i learned my lesson and got a cooler master evo 212 with a second cooler master fan. (so 2 fans on the radiator) The only problem is now that it's way too loud. If i put my hand on the ehaxust at the back of my case, it feels like a tornado coming out. (I already have a high grade fat fan on the back so now it's pretty much 3 fans blowing out of the exhaust). I tried to lower the fan speed through my MB bios but it didn't help. Is there another way? A software perhaps?
Intel I7 3770
Cooler Master Evo 212
Asrock H77 Pro-4m
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  1. Install and use your "UEFI System Browser" per
  2. i7Baby said:
    Install and use your "UEFI System Browser" per

    I did what you said and put all the fan to level 1 and target temp to 56 C, it is still running of steroid mode.
    Cpu temp: 44.5 C
    MB temp: 29 c
    Cpu fan 1: 850 RPM
    Cpu fan 2: 1192 rpb
    Chassis fan: 2928 rpb
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    Put target temp as low as possible - to keep the cpu cool.

    850 and 1200 rpm aren't too bad

    You should only need the chassis fan on 1000-1500rpm
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