Is there something wrong with my CPU? Intel 4690k

I have recently installed a new Intel Core i5 4690k. It is having much higher temps then my previous processor though (4670k) i didn't have a OC on either. With my current CPU the idle temps are normal and fine, but when I try to run a game it gets very hot 60-80 degrees Celsius. Therefore i haven't played games very much yet. Is my best bet to get a Cooler Master 212 Evo? or do you think something is actually wrong with my CPU thanks!

Yes I cleaned and applied thermal paste.
Yes I made sure my stock Intel fan was installed correctly.
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    your cpu is fine and the temps you have given are not that bad under load...and yes its best to buy an aftermarket cooler like 212 evo ....
  2. Agree^ With the stock cooler that is about the best you are going to get. If you want lower temps then yes I would look into a aftermarket cooler. The Cooler Master 212 EVO would do you just fine.
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