new hdd detected in BIOS (not it's size) but not n WIN 7

Hello everybody

I have a problem with my brand new WD 4TB GREEN Intelipower SATA 3 HDD (WD40EZRX)
I want to use it as a data drive in my PC (win 7 64 bit installed on another drive). When i plug it in the PC (via SATA) it was detected in BIOS but not his size. In win the drive isn't detected anywhere (my computer, disk management...). Also if the new drive is connected everything is extremely slow (from POST to win start-up). From power up and up to the point of entering windows the new hdd is also making a strange sound (not clicking, like spinning up stooping then spinning up again and again)

When i connected the hdd via a sata to USB adapter windows detected it. When trying to initialize it i get the incorrect function error (to either GPT or MBR)

Also tried windows set up - drive is also not detected.

Is there something i am missing or did i get a faulty drive?

Thank you for any and all help.
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  1. Hi

    Not All USB to SATA bridge chip adapters support over 2 TB drives

    Not all SATA chipsets & BIOS support over 2TB
    (Is yours a INTEL or AMD chipset (you will find info on limits at their websites)

    Have you looked in Device Manager ?

    You need a modern motherboard or USB to SATA bridge to test 4TB hard drive to confirm if problem is new hard drive or compatibility problem

    was drive collected by you or posted out in a padded envelope ?

    Mike Barnes
  2. Hi

    When connected via USB the disk manager did show it as a 4TB drive but it failed to initialize it.
    When looking over the specification for my chipset (amd 990x chipset on Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard) i believe it should work.
    I have the latest version of BIOS installed.

    The drive was posted out (first time that i did not collect it myself and i was worried about that a little)

    best regards
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