Are my cards Crossfire compatible?

I currently have a Radeon HD 6770 in my, "gaming", rig. But, It's a little slow on It's own, and I'm upgrading to an R9 280x soon. But for the time being, I wanna speed It up with crossfire with this card: but are they compatible with crossfire?
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    No, they are not compatible.

    You need to have 2 of the SAME card.
  2. No, sadly they aren't, the HD 6770 and the HD 6970 aren't compatible
  3. tiny voices said:
    No, they are not compatible.

    You need to have 2 of the SAME card GPU.

    Fixed it for you. :)
  4. FYI, the way it works is this:

    Crossfire or SLI simply draw a frame that gets outputted to your screen on one card, then the second card draws the second frame, then it repeats (for two cards).

    Each card has the same data stored in video memory. So again, Card#1, Card#2, Card#1, Card#2...

    I'm telling you this because you ideally want the same exact performance level so that they are rendering in as close to the same time as possible or else you get a slight micro-stutter.

    *Also, DX9 in Crossfire has still not been fixed. It's on their list and expected by end of this year but who knows. What it means is that you can get a 30FPS experience even when FRAPS reports 60FPS because one card is barely outputting any data (a "runt" frame).

    So again you get a normal frame from Card#1, followed by almost nothing from Card#2 for the next frame which effectively makes the game work at HALF the frame rate.

    Put another way, don't play DX9 games in Crossfire. Feel free to experiment though with it and and off. Don't go by FRAPS, go by how it feels.
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