ASUS Sabertooth 990fx Audio Issues

Hi guys. Once again I have seemed to put myself in more trouble. After upgrading my cooling on my CPU both my front panel and back panel audio won't work.
Please help!
Thanks in advance, Nick
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  1. Please help guys! I really don't want to have to buy a sound card.
  2. I'm having the same problems with mine at the moment, check on the Realtech HD audio manager - is it showing that your front microphone is plugged in when it's not? that will disable the back audio ports automatically. The good thing is that your 'optical' Audio port will still probably work.

    I'm going to probably try reformat my computer and see if the problem persists, otherwise this thing is going back... remember you have a 5 year warranty on it.
  3. Can you measure some resistances and voltages?
  4. romirez said:
    Can you measure some resistances and voltages?

    Don't have the tools or the know how - I would probably end up sending a current through the board and fry it.
  5. If you will get tools and wish to measure - PM me.
  6. Update on my sound problems - the sound part of the board has completely failed... as well as failing my PCIE port 1 (my second sabertooth 990fx motherboard failure). my advice, send it back and get a replacement... its a pain but you got a 5 year warranty on this epic failure of a motherboard. More advice, sell the new replacement and buy a gigabyte motherboard.
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