My PSU keeps dying

Ok, so my father bought a Z800 a month~ish ago, I use it for gaming (though a Quadro FX4800 plays everything beautifully at highest settings, it's still only DX10. Oh well) and he uses it for CAD design (might try it out myself one day, but I'm getting off topic).

Anywho, After afew weeks the computer started suddenly dying outta nowhere like someone was pulling the plug out of the wall. It was only happening when certain things were running at first (ie. The moment I enter a match of a newer Shooter game, or launch certain programs or games from various generations), then slowly started to getting to the point where it would die at the windows startup screen. We then discovered that the Power Supply was the problem. We replaced it (stupid thing costs like $300+) and things started working well again, no problems..... untill last week.

After a couple weeks with the new PSU, we started having the same problem, exact same stuff, exact same shutdown tendencies. Granted both times they were bought from Ebay (original with the computer and the replacement), so there is a chance both were faulty or near death already. But might there be a chance something else could be the problem? I'd hate to have him keep buying these things and they all keep dying. Might there be something draining the PSUs or something?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance
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    While it's entirely possible that the PSU might be the problem, it could well be something else.

    My first thought is that maybe the PSU is not rated for the card, the processor and the heavy load. Have your Father buy a higher-rated PSU. More wattage.

    See if that cures the problem.

    If at all possible, check the system's event logs for issues.

    Do you observe any smells like burning electronics, etc?

    It may also be an idea to buy a kill-a-watt and use it to monitor the power draw during use of the computer (after all, the Kill-a-watt is an investment and substantially cheaper than a $300 PSU!) :)
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