ASUS DirectCU II R9 290 OR Gigabyte 7990 !

Hi Guys,

First of all my PSU EVGA SuperNOVA NEX650G 80PLUS Gold Certified

i bought ASUS DirectCU II R9 290 OC (NEW) not opened yet, but friend of mine offered me to trade with a Gigabyte 7990 6GB 768-Bit (Used for a YEAR) with remaining two years warranty! (GV-R799D5-6GD-B)

1st Question # can my PSU handle the 7990 !

2nd Question # If my PSU can handle it, is it better or stick with the R9 290 !

I'm using 24'inch Single Monitor and playing Games BF4, Crysis, Farcry, etcc... 1920x1080 of-course with no future plans to buy additional monitors

Thanks :-
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  1. no your PSU cant handle the 7990

    and i would say the r9 290 is a better deal
  2. DM Gold said:
    no your PSU cant handle the 7990

    and i would say the r9 290 is a better deal

    I checked both cards specs and both cards require 750w PSU, i also checked all R9 290 Reviews and they can run with a good 650W PSU even 600W can handle it as per some topics !

    So Why my PSU can handle 290 and can't handle the 7990 !
  3. Few things,

    1. I do think you will be able to run a 7990 on your power supply, the PSU you have is pretty good quality afaik. Depending on what else is in your system, you should be fine.

    2. Why is your friend offering to swap a nearly $1000 card for one that's meant to cost around $400? I'm not sure I'd offer to swap something worth double the value unless there was something wrong with it...

    3. You do realize that a 7990 is 2 x 7970's in "CrossfireX" (not "corssfire"), and the card will have most of the non heat related issues of crossfire? In games where corssfire isnt supported, the R9 290 will preform better.
  4. Best answer
    1. Your power supply will not be able to handle the HD7990 which requires 44amps on a single +12V rail. It can handle an r9 290 though.
    2. I own a HD7990, and it is definitely faster under certain conditions, where that be crossfire is leveraged effectively such as in battlefield 4. My friend has an r9 290 so i know that firsthand the 7990 is faster than the r9 290.
    I would like to say as well that at this point in time while the 7990 is faster, the r9 290 is overall a better package due to it being a single card with less hassles when it comes to games that are poorly optimised for crossfire or even SLI. Heat was also an issue with the 7990 until i modded the bios and removed all limiters, allowing me to downvolt the card to reduce temps, but as i said it was a hassle to do so.
    Just stick with your R9 290, it is an amazing card.
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