Advice about PSU for my new build

Hi, I would like to know if a bronze certified 550 watt PSU is enough for the following components:

* PowerColor AXR9 270X 2GBD5-TDHE/OC TurboDuo Radeon

* i5 4690

* Corsair value select 1600mHz RAM

* 1TB Seagate Hybrid drive

* ASRock H87M-ITX Intel H87 Chipset LGA1150 Haswell Mini ITX Desktop Motherboard

I checked that the graphics card needs 500 watt minimum power. I am not sure how the PSU for components thing works, lol. I already bought the PSU, so did I make a mistake? Thank you in advance
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    You need a good quality 500W minimum. Get one from tiers 1, 2a or 2b per

    eg Seasonic 520, XFX 550 or Antec HCG 520M
  2. Yeah a 500W is plenty for that build. Your build does not consume much power, as they are all fairly efficient parts. For comparison, this power overview was done with a FX 8350 and 280X which consumes more power than the 270X and 4690.

    It's important to get a good quality power supply from a reputable manufacturer such as Corsair, Antec or Seasonic.
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