is my AMD Radeon HD 5850 too hot and should I be worried?

Hey everyone! So my Radeon HD 5850 get really hot! when I play games like Far Cry 3 or Something else that is kinda GPU instensive, it sometimes go all the way up to 85C+ and I am little bit worried about that! This GPU is a few years old and maybe that could be the issue. But I bought compressed air and tried too clean all the dust of the card, but it didn't lower that much of a temp after all. Is this something I should worry about? And fix it as fast as possible or could I leave it like that?

I really appreciate all your responses!

Best regards Oscar!
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    well generally older cards gets more hot than the new ones because of technological reasons....85c i will say yes its hot but not unsafe it may be because of dust bad ventilation and airflow inside the case high ambient room temp etc ..
  2. Okey, well thats good I guess. Yes the my room has very high temp atm cause its summer. My card has almost no dust at all, recently cleaned it. my case doesn't have the best airflow or ventilation! But thank you for your answer!
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