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so i get high temps when i have turbo mode enabled, around 95-100 degrees, when i disable it and test my fpu using prime 95 or adaita64 it stays around 73-76 degrees. What is wrong with turbo is it because i have a bad cpu or is it my cooler. (I have a hyper 212. i reseated the heatsink twice and applied new thermal paste after cleaning it thoroughly as well. i am very worried can someone please help me come
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  1. Sounds like you applied too much thermal compound. Remember - the thermal compound (paste) should be an almost see-through film. Like so thin - that it is transparent. The way I achieve this is the old school method of spreading it with a plastic card (old bank card, id, health insurance card, etc). I find it much more optimal then the "pea method" since you have more control. But for beginners maybe the pea method is better. How much paste did you apply?
  2. about the size of a grain of rice.
  3. Then it sounds it may be not enough. Try the spread method. Be sure to make a uniform film, without any gaps in there, as it may produce air bubbles when you put the heatsink on. Also, once you put the heatsink down, do not lift it up as it will infuse the paste with air - creating an isolation areas where there is air in the paste.
  4. so does anyone know why turbo boost is so hot
  5. It is not "so hot". My bet is that you are having issues transferring the heat from the CPU heat spreader to the cooler. You are most certainly not getting normal temps. You should be running at least 30C lower (Around 60-70 with turbo boost on) at an ambient of 20-25C. What are your idle temps? If your idle temps are more than 10C higher then the ambient temp in the room - then we know where the problem is.
  6. idle temps 30-35 degrees celsius ambient tems around 25 degrees. i feel like there maybe something wrong in the bios or in my chip. im going to try to get a h100i and see if that is any better. people give such good reviews for the 212 but i dont think its that good. it took forever to figure out how to mount it (second time was way easier) and temps are soo high. maybe its just b/c of the price tho.
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    I am using 212 and my 2700K stays under 52C in 20C room at 3.9 GHz full torture test (59 at 26C ambient), while the fan spins at the lowest. People OC 4770K (which is hotter than 4790k due to the worse heat transfer material inside the chip) to 4 GHz and stay withing the 70C range. It is undoubtedly the best cooler for 30-50 bucks price range and it is one of the easiest installations I have ever seen a cooler come with. The problem is not in the gear. It is in the way you handle it. By no means I wish to insult you. But it takes some practice before you get accustomed to the little ins and outs of how to do certain stuff.,3554-6.html

    Look at how the thermal compound is applied. Make sure your cooler is screwed in correctly and tightly (but don't over tighten) . Reset BIOS to default settings. Sorry, but this is not something that any of us can remotely help, without physical contact - we can just guess.
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