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Hello guys.. I'm new to this site. I want to upgrade the graphics of my pc.. Currently my pc is running with an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard... The CPU is an Intel core i7 920 @2.6 Ghz and I have 6GBs of ram(3x2GB). I have had the GeForce GTS 250 for a long time now and I had no problems until now, that it doesn't support new generation gaming.. Could I get some recommendations for GPUs for under $350? Thank you in advance..

PS: English isn't my native language so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes..
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  1. Assuming that your PSU is powerful enough to support it, the EVGA GTX 770 ACX is available for $329.99.
  2. R9 290

    Make sure your psu can handle it
  3. Yeah I forgot to mention.. My PSU is a 650 Watt Corsair.. Will it be able to power the card?
  4. Gtx 770
  5. What model Corsair?

    Also, using 1080p?
  6. It's a Corsair TX 650W PSU. I use 1080p as well!
  7. manos4 said:
    It's a Corsair TX 650W PSU. I use 1080p as well!

    That psu is good

    Go for either an R9 280X or gtx 770
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  9. Thank you guys.. I finally bought the Gtx 770!
  10. You will see a huge improvement! :)
  11. Embra said:
    You will see a huge improvement! :)

    I just can't wait for it to come!!!
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