can i install windows 8 on my windows 7 ultimate using my wifes product key

i have a laptop came preinstalled with windows 7 ultimate and there are major issues with it after using it over the yr anyways i cant find the software that came with it how can i do a clean installation or upgrade to windows 8 using my wifes product key
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    No, you cannot use the product key from another computer. Keys are not transferable.

    Each computer needs its own Windows license.
  2. That will depend on if the product key is oem or retail and if the key is still in use or not.
    If its oem its tied to that pc.
    If its a retail key and not being used you can use it (unless MS has changed this with win8?).
    You can't activate windows on 2 pc's with the 1 key.
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