Cheap graphics card advice needed.

Hi, i'll just go straight to the point. I'm looking to "refresh" my 2008 PC a little bit by upgrading the gpu. I've got a 9800gtx, but this time i need some of you guys' advice on what newer gpu WOULD NOT bottleneck my E7300 cpu, which is overclocked to 3.6ghz.
I'd prefer the cheapest possible card that i can play games with, and still maintain reasonable fps. I usually play at 1280x1024 or 1680x1050.
If it matters, my motherboard is a Gigabyte EP45 DS3R, 4gb RAM 800mhz.

Would appreciate any help, thanks :)
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  1. If you provide your budget, we can help you better.
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    Power supply wattage would help too.

    Depending on your budget, a gtx 750ti would be a great replacement regardless of power supply wattage, next up would be a HD7750 or R7 250.
  3. A GTX 750 or 750 Ti will be about $120, and will play most games at medium to high. Because its the new Maxwell GPU, it will be both power efficient and strong.

    Then when you update the rest of the computer, you can carry that over and keep gaming
  4. Thanks for the replies :)
    Yes, my budget's around 100-130€. As for my psu, it's a Corsair TX 650w. I'm assuming that will be enough, given that it's been powering a 9800gtx+ for several years... Also, what would be AMD's equivalent to nvidia's 750? And what's a good, trustworthy gpu brand?
  5. AMD's 750 equivalent i believe is the r7 260x.
    Any brand is trustworthy if you ask the right person, my recommendation is either Asus or Sapphire.
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