Possible virus or hijacked firefox?

Operating on Windows 7 Ultimate: 32 Bit

The problem started a few days ago when youtube videos would start and stop. It progressively got worse until yesterday when it was taking a full hour to play out a 5 minute song.

I ran malwarebytes, ccleaner, advanced system care and then went into safe mode to run TDSSKiller and Eset online scanner.

Upon entering safemode, videos were no longer the only thing slow. Loading pages and downloading TDSSKiller was beyond slow and Eset online scanner wouldn't even download at all.

I looked around for the reason this could be and someone with a similar issue advised to download MiniToolBox to clear firefox proxy settings. I did this and finally was able to run Eset scanner. It did find one virus, cleaned it off, and everything was running smoothly until today, about an hour ago. Videos again started slowing down, and in an attempt to redo the process, I tried to update Advanced System Care only to find out that the download freezes. Something that I can download in less than a minute on my other computer is downloading with 8 minutes and climbing (it's gone up to 9, 10, 11m).

My assumption then is that firefox is corrupted or the internet itself but I haven't tested out any other browsers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also a recommendation for a free antivirus for future reference would be very helpful (clearly since waiting until you have an infection isn't the best strategy) :)
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    In firefox you can configure it to not use windows proxy settings, i do this with all browsers that are not IE.

    You can also try to uninstall and reinstall firefox, you will have to select to delete out all of your profile and extensions durring uninstall though.

    For free ones you can do Avast. Newegg has bitdefender on sale for super cheap (like $10 or less) all the time, I would do that.
  2. Awesome thank you very much. It did have the option selected to use system proxy settings, and when I selected no proxy, it seems to be downloading fine now!

    Thank you for the recommendation on antivirus, I'll get that downloaded.

    Have a great one!
  3. Also an easy way to see if you have anything installed with out your knowledge go into Control Panel Programs. Click the date column to order it by date and see if anything is installed that you didn't install. Typically Anti Malwarebytes will remove these malwares. I would also boot into safe mode and run the anti malwarebytes scan from the command line. ALot of times malware is set to run when you boot up well safe mode boots and doesn't run all these things that run at normal bootup.
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