i5 vs i7? Worth the $80 price difference?

I am planning to upgrade my mobo and CPU so is the $80 worth it for an i7 over an i5?
I will be recording gameplay, so which is better an i7 4790k ($279) or an i5 4690k ($200).

Microcenter is selling them much less than newegg! :P

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  1. Well, it depends. Wich graphic card are you using? Are you planning to edit the video or live stream also?
  2. I don't think it'd matter what graphics card as of yet. Not all games will benefit from the hyperthreading anyways so bottlenecks would be minimal anyways. As for purpose, if you're planning on video editing, streaming, 3d rendering, or other similar productive tasks, then the i7 would be better. But as of right now for general gaming, the i5 is enough and doesn't really have a huge difference of performance going up to the i7.
  3. If it's only for gaming, get the i5. If needing more, i7. For gaming on ultra, i7.
  4. "...I will be recording gameplay..."

    For game capture or streaming you definitely want an i7 or FX 8350. The extra 'cores' help a great deal over an i5.

    If you use software like Myrillis Action, this can leverage Intel Quick Sync to reduce CPU load, making the i7 your best bet with that application.
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    Great prices!
    If you have the budget, buy the 4790K, even at $80 more.
    For most games, the hyperthreads are really not that useful.
    But, what you get is a better binned chip with more l3 cache. It will run on turbo at 4.4 all day long using optimized defaults. Overclocking is not needed.

    I have never regretted paying more for something better. I have sometimes regretted going cheaper.
    If you get the 4690K you will always be wondering if you should have done differently.
  6. All i really want is to record minecraft in 1080p perhaps with shaders occasionally.

    if i did go with the i7, would a cm 212 evo work for non OC'ed cooling?
  7. Yep
  8. Yes, It'll work fine.
  9. One more question... Will a 500w psu power a i7? (very low efficent gpu
  10. Depending on the GPU... By itself, the i7 can use 500W.
  11. The i7 cannot use 500w. A whole system could maybe, but the i7 cannot.

    A good 500w psu can power an i7 system. Ideally you'll probably want a better quality power supply that can last.
  12. So to confirm... A 500 watt power supply should most likely suffice for enough wattage in a i7 build if my other components allow it... In my pcparts builder thing it's estimated wattage was at about 410 watts
  13. As long as the 500w psu is a T1 or T2 PSU you should be fine. I'd recommend go with an xfx 550w psu because it is a good unit.
  14. T1 or t2?
  15. Would a corsair cx500 watt work? (Temporarily)
  16. Corsair CX is an unreliable PSU. You should go with something different like a T1 (Tier 1) or T2 (Tier 2). Basically, PSUs like Antec, XFX, Seasonic, EVGA and Corsair (ONLY HX, AX, TX models). You should never cheap out on a PSU as if you get a crappy one and it blows up it can take the rest of your PC hardware with it.
  17. Well ive had this cx500 for a few months now and it has never failed me... But it probably isn't a good idea? xfx is better?
  18. If you're not changing your GPU immediately, it'll be fine for now. When you upgrade your GPU, it's probably a good idea to upgrade the PSU to something of higher quality.
  19. Yeah all I have now is an MSI hd 7770, but in the future I'll probably go with nvidia (gtx 760)
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