how to make backup using the files in the recovery drive of a w8 preinstalled system

My hp laptops reset option is not working when i updated to w8 to w8.1

But there is a drive named "recovery "
I found a file of 12 gb.. Hope it is the os recovery file...
Anyone know how to make a backup or recovery cd with that file...
I really need to reinstall windows 8.1
Anyone please help.. :(
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  1. You cannot use a windows 8 recovery partition to renew or refresh windows 8.1. What you would need to do perform a clean install using the recovery partition, if you can. You may need to record your license key and download windows from the MS website. Burn it to a disc. Do a clean install. Use your key to activate and then immediately do the 8.1 update followed by doing the remaining windows updates and reinstalling your applications.

    Per Microsoft website -

    If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC has a Windows 8 recovery partition, refreshing your PC will restore Windows 8. You’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after the refresh has finished.

    I do not however recommend this method as it leaves a lot of crap behind and most people end up with driver or other errors and problems.
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    Not sure which Reset you attempted, Windows 8 'Reset your PC' or HP Laptop Recovery from Recovery Partition...
    If the latter (Hit 'esc' at Power on and choose F11) then you're in trouble. This means that the upgrade to 8.1 corrupted your Recovery Partition, seemingly a common problem with many machines. As pointed out, unless you made a backup of your system, your only recourse is to re-install from a disk/drive. As your OS is Manufacturer's OEM you won't be able to d'load an ISO, and the only other option is to obtain Recovery Media from HP. (You should have been prompted to create Recovery Media when you 1st received your Laptop).
    If, however, your machine is running well and you want to back up your 8.1 installation, you can still do so by creating a System Image on an External Drive by searching for File History from your Start Menu.
    Meanwhile it is possible to adapt a standard Installation disk to reload Windows, but it involves modifying a folder and you would also have had to retrieve your Product Key from the BIOS...
  3. Assuming you have access to an installation disk and can’t progress past the Key entry. Way round this is to d'load Infra Recorder and use it to create an ISO .
    Use Action/Copy Disk/to a Disk Image.
    Once you have the ISO you'll need a min 4Gb USB Flash, use YUMI to create a bootable USB

    Scroll down to" class="img lazy">

    Scroll down to Windows Distro, check 'Format' Box if 1st time

    Now open Notepad and copy below







    (Assuming you have 8.1 Pro disk)
    Use 'Save As' to save the txt as ei.cfg in the 'Sources' folder on your USB

    Boot from USB and you'll be able to install 8/8.1 without a Key.
    Once loaded, windows key plus 'R' and type slui 3 then Enter.
    Type your OEM Key and activate.
    If you don’t have the key, download Produkey to search for it.
  4. Actually i didnt create any backup disc during the purchase time and im not having any win 8 disc.
  5. jojo-here said:
    Actually i didnt create any backup disc during the purchase time and im not having any win 8 disc.

    Oh dear. Either borrow one buy one from Ebay?
  6. Thanks dodger46
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