need help choosing new HDD (budget secondary)

i want a budget secondary but not so slow HDD,
my budget is max 70$, i will put some games, software movies and pics, i will not need more than 500GB, but still fast for good price is nice :) around 110mb/s is good ! i don't want it to be superfast,

i want the speed to be at least 100MB/s - 110MB/s
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  2. TechyInAZ said:

    thanks, that looks good, im gonna see some benchmarks, im not really good at choosing HDD !!!

    but i was also thinking about WD Red, how much diffrence it has in real world?!! anyway the blue wd seems good
  3. kamhagh said:

    Np, I also recommended you the 1TB version since the 500GB is only like 5-10 bucks less.
  4. i will get the 1TB :), the price diffrence is so small!

    Edit: newegg says 760GB 64MB is 84$ while 1TB 64MB Is 54$ !!! How is that possible? Anyway im going to buy it tomorrow!!
  5. idk, I only looked at the 500GB and 1TB versions.

    I know that companies will tend to get good deals out like that so that they can get rid of more HDDs if they are bringing another new hd brand in.
  6. ;) ok, thanks, im going to buy it tomorrow,

    Anyway WD just released WD Red pro ! 5% chance it will release other colors pro :? ;) anyway i dont Care id it does :D i was just thinking

    Eill buy the 1TB tomarrow !
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