Very weird graphics card issue with only 1 (?) game

Hi, I'm trying to play the classic version of World of Warcraft on a private server. I have a HD7850. Here's the issue:

I have downloaded at least 5 different clients and the same issue is present and I have also played it months ago with no problems, so I think the problem lies with the card.

Textures jut out from almost anything and flicker every time I move. If I alt tab out and tab back in, everything looks fine until I start moving. I have updated my graphics drivers and I have even reformatted (was planning to do that anyway).

If anyone can even tell me what to search for that would be great because I'm googling "flickering horizontal textures hd7850" and not getting much.
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    Managed to fix it by uninstalling my graphics drivers and installing version 13.4 from May 2013... just in case anyone happens to come across this thread.
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