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I am looking to buy a keyboard that will be used for only typing. I do not have a budget, but want this keyboard to last a long time. I prefer cherry mx brown switches, but will take a similar switch.
Thank you
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  1. I'd recommend the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, been using it for years and love it!

    But if you want mechanical, go with a corsair vengeance K70 or something similar.
  2. if price doesnt matter... here is the best of the best
  3. Thanks, I like the detachable cable of the ducky shine 3. How about the Daskeyboard 4 Professional. I love it, but would like the usb to be detachable to increase its lifespan.
  4. Also i am thinking about waiting for the corsair k70 rgb release in late August. Is that a good keyboard.
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    I'd go for the Das Keyboard 4 Professional/Ultimate. They are very stylish, last a long time, but lack some gaming features. A similar keyboard is the CODE keyboard, also made for typing.
  6. I like the code keyboard, but now I am unsure about the clear vs brown keys. I have not used mechanical keyboards before but read browns are good for typing. I need a quieter keyboard, so blues are not an option.
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