Please Help with my Internet Speed

Apparently the download speed of my internet its lower than my upload speed look:

Can you tell me how i can fix this?

Thank you,

its wi-fi

the results are equal on my laptop desktop and smartphone

i did the tests in the 2 ways wired and with wi-fi connection
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  1. Is this wired or WiFi?
  2. are you hardwired on wifi?

    what are the advertised speeds of your provider?

    always do a test over a wired connection not wireless as it will be slower. if on a wired test your results are slower than the plan you are paying for then the only thing you can do is contact your provider about it.
  3. If possible test a wired connections from more then one pc.

    If just one pc has slow speeds then it is a problem with that pc, if all of them do then it is your internet provider and you should call them.

    FYI if you have a DSL connection, due to the nature of the technology it will degrade quicker over shorter distance and get congested quicker.
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