Boot drive priority and hard drive set up in UEFI BIOS setup

Is there anyway to set up the hard drive priority using UEFI BIOS set up in Gigabyte mother board such that it will have priority drive assignment such as C;, D:, E:, F;.

I just installed msata in my motherboard and Windows 7 no longer recognizes used to be my D: drive. Originally, I set up C: as system drive and D: as my user profile (data) drive. After installing the msata drive, Win7 comes up but can't pass through login. It shows an error messages saying can't find user profile.
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    need more info so we can help... but this might help you for now

    first .. you set up the hard drive boot up order. not your partition order
    go into Cmos and you should able to do that

    set up your boot order ( which drive first, CDrom,USB)
    there also should be anotther option where you can set your drive order.

    once you in window .. you then can change your drive letter

    (easiest way i know how is ..)

    control panel -- system security - then choose ( create and format partition)
    in here you just right click on the partion you want and choose Change Drive letter ... that all

    good luck
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