eyefinity question XFX 7870 dvi-d to vga on digital/analog port not working

ive done alot of reading before deciding to run 3 monitors including staying AWAY from VGA but considering i already had two monitors (both have ONLY vga ports) i decided to just buy a used one and call it a day

my gpu is a xfx 7870 core edition
im trying to get this to work but have a feeling im going to spent another 30-50 on ANOTHER active adapter

so first monitor Mini dp to vga (works yay!)
second monitor mini dp to vga (also works!)
third (far right monitor) DVI-d to vga (no no bueno)

ive tried it in BOTH dvi slots on this card
the top one is suppose to be DVI-I (digital AND analog) just says "cable not connected"
the bottom one (its red on this card) is obviously only digital but i tried it just in case

i ve switched the cables all around to see if it was just the right side monitor not working/bad connection and i can get 2 working with mini dp to vga's just fine

my only solution and its not a great one get a DVI to vga ACTIVE adapter and hope i can get the digital only dvi port to post
or HDMI to VGA (dunno if thats even possible lol)

is their some magic switch i am suppose to turn on/off to utilize the analog/digit dvi on this card?!?!

this is the adapter i bought

again i know its not ACTIVE but the manual in the xfx box even says i can use a regular adapter did get the wrong one?

from my understanding the dvi-d "should" work just find from reading other peoples problems

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I couldn't even begin to tell you what that's supposed to do as its missing the analog pins and you cannot adapt VGA which is analog to DVI-D which is digital.

    You need a DVI-I to VGA adapter. And of course one of the display port to VGA adapters must be an active adapter
  2. makes sense i dunno what the hell i was tihnking when i ordered the dvi-d i read that it should work but i do see the 4 pins are not on the one i bought

    as for "Active" from my understanding the xfx 7870 has a built in converter on the first (post 1) dvi output on the card
    ill go buy a full pin dvi adapter and report back
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