i7 4770k + G.Skill Ripjaws

System Info:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
MotherBoard: Asus Z87-A (New)
CPU: i7 4770k (New)

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (two sticks) - from my old system. Purchased last year.

HDD/SSD: WD 1TB black / Samsung Evo 500GB (New)
GPU: Nvidia EVGA SC GTX 770 (New)
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Z (New)

-Nothing overclocked-

Hi, i recently purchased a i7 4770k, along with a bunch of new parts shown above. All but RAM. I have been using the ram, because well its still newish; also its been good to me.

only problem is that its 8GB and i am always sitting around 60-80% RAM usage. sometimes even 90% + and once I had windows tell me to close programs due to RAM being used up. should i just buy another 8GB of the same ram? since it would be much cheaper. or should i invest into the X series... This system is just for Gaming but i usually have multiple games open at a time. and from what i've heard, ram speed honestly has not much difference in performance; also taking into consideration i am running 150+ FPS in any game i throw at it. so; i am not sure if investing 180$ for, just a whole new set of RAM would be worth it. while as i can just invest 82$ for another 8gb and be set

I also noticed that my current ram is for 1155/56 platforms, while as the i7 4770k is 1150. Is this an issue? Am i losing performance due to this? is this going to effect anything over time? any advice here?
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    The DRAM is fine for your rig, the advertising is primarily a result of the RJ Xs being introduced during the 1156/1155 era...If upgrading I'd suggest a 2x8GB set in 1866 or 2133 with your CPU/mobo combo, might look at GSkill's Snipers or a little costlier the Trident line of sticks from GSkill, very good with Haswell
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