Should I change my graphics card or wait more?

Hello guys, this is my pc:

CPU: AMD phenom II x4 820
GPU: gtx 550 ti
RAM: 4GB (2x2)
PSU: corsair 600W

I will change my motherboard and put 8gb of ram 1866mhz

Should I update my graphics card now or wait for the 800 series? Someone knows how much will be the price of that graphics card serie?

Ideas for the new graphics?
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    Depends on you. I would be fine with keeping the gtx 550ti if you're fine at whatever settings you're running now. I don't know how much the 800 series will cost, but the 870/880 their releasing will probably cost around the same as their 7xx counterpart.
  2. Thanks :D
  3. No problem :)
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