m-sata mini pci-e ssd

simple situation:

a MB with a mini pci-e slot
an msata mini pci-e ssd

I plug the ssd on the MB, I can't "see" it
I can't see anything (extra) on the post screen
I don't see anything new in BIOS (like you would see a new sata in the respective sata slot)
I can't see it with a windows 7 instalation DVD
I can't see it with a live linux distro

I bought the ssd off ebay and I don't want to return it/ask the money back before making sure it's bad (which, to me, seems highly unlikely)

thanks in advance!
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  1. what motherboard do you have? Just because it has a Mini PCIe slot DOESN"T mean it will take a Mini PCIe SSD. My Laptop has 3 Mini PCIe slots but it can't take a mSATA Drive.
  2. http://us.msi.com/product/mb/AM1I.html
    I talked to MSI support (before buying the SSD) and they told me that as long as the ssd is mini pci-e compatible (which it is), it will work.

    this is the ssd:


    P.S. Yes, it's small, I know, I don't need anything bigger.
  3. You got the latest BIOS? May also have to enable the Slot in BIOS as well
  4. I have the latest BIOS.
    I think I looked everywhere for an option like that ... where should it be? Under what general category?
  5. I can't seem to find anything about this board taking a mSATA. I would get back with them and double check i checked out the manual and didn't see anything. I personally haven't use a board that will take a mSATA so not sure. I would assume it would be like any other mPCIe card. If its there its there if its not its not. No need to change anything in BIOS.
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