How to tell if PSU is going bad?

How Can I tell if my PSU is going bad?
I have a corsair 600W for less than a year paired with my GTX 770.

Recently, I been getting some annoying lags like:

1) Computer freezing with a buzzing sound on Dead Island.

2) Shutter lag/FPS rollercoaster on league of legends. Even though the FPS displays more than 60 and the game is smooth at all times, it feels notchy.

3) Kernel drives error for nvidia

Thank you
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  1. sounds more like graphics card psu problems usually are abrupt
  2. What kind of problem can it be?
    I been monitoring the temperature and everything seems fine.
    However, I do notice that I score 4,000 less points on Catzilla than I use to...
  3. whats your specs bud
  4. i7 3770k o/c @ 4.3ghz
    8gb ram
    PNY gtx 770 2GB
    SSD 128gb
    500GB HDD
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    Well considering you have a PNY that could explain it. That's like getting Ferrari cars but finding out Volkswagon made them. PNY is notorius for bad cards. Get a Sapphire or an ASUS if you still can..
  6. Well nothing that I can do now.
    The problem is more annoying than gamebreaking.
    I guess that's the trade off for a $260 770 :)
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