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Hi guys.
I'm getting a new laptop very soon.
I was kinda decided on getting a Lenovo Y50 a while ago, but since then I've been reading bad stuff about the screen quality and the overheating. It's putting me a bit off and since I'm so close to actually having to buy a laptop I'm looking at alternatives, mainly from MSI. I hear good things from this brand and since I'm going to use my laptop for gaming as much as work, I think this brand would be a good choice.
I was wondering if there's any alternative around the Y50 price range ($1150) from MSI or actually some other brand, that is a better choice than the Y50 for the budget. I can go a little big higher like $1250.

Thanks in advance
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    If your looking for super thin, then gigabyte HSA add a better selection. However, they also have heat issues.
  2. Thank you!
    Took a look at the GE60 and indeed looks very similar and actually cheaper where I live!
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