What in my computer would bottleneck by performance?

Hi guys

I was just playing watch dogs and notice I only get 30 fps on only high settings not on ultra and was wondering if any of my components I have installed could be the holding it back to get that sweet juicy ultra performance the specs for my computer are:
GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 660
CPU: Intel core I7-3770k
motherboard: Gigabyte : z68a-d3-b3
Power supply: 700w

if there is anything I might be able to update my system to make it perform much better please say.

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  1. The system specs are good enough, the problem is with the game.. Watch dogs is NOT OPTIMISED well for PC, it drops to 30fps even in higher end cards.. Try downloading and installing the Nvidia's drivers released for for Watch Dogs optimization, that might help..
  2. The graphics card is what would need upgrading if you want more performance out of games, as your CPU is quite powerful, there's no way it's bottlenecking your GPU.
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