[Please Help]Can my PC run WatchDogs?

Hello! I have a laptop with following specs:
Intel Corei3 2310M
Intel HD Graohics 3000(1.8GB)
500 GB HDD

Can I run WatchDogs on my stated above system?
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  1. NO.. integrated graphics cannot run Watch Dogs... It seems you've separate video card, can you name it? That CPu is enough for MINIMUM Settings, but RAM and GPU are not enough..
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    With Watchdogs I had significant issues running it on a i7 4770, MSI GTX 770 2GB OC (with higher overclock done by me), 16GB of 1866 DDR3. It's not a low end system by any means. Of course this was pre-patch, but it is a highly damanding game. I have seen the game running on a system with an AMD 8350 8 Core CPU (this game only uses 4), a 4GB GTX 760, with 8GB of RAM at about 38-52 FPS. I would try the GTX 760 4GB, if thats not enough you may want an i5. The game itself really need quite a bit of VRAM, and was a bad console port. So if you want a decent gameplay experience you will need to upgrade or just play on console which would be cheaper short term. But a PC upgrade would do you better in the long run. Bear in mind all the above stated information is based around 1080 resolution.
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