Can I use a toaster oven to bake a graphics card?

Or should I really use an oven
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  1. Probably shouldnt use either. Even if it does reflow the contacts, itll only be temporary. Save yourself the trouble and buy a new video card.
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    You've little control of the actual temperature using a toaster so use an oven.
    As Vrumor points out, without proper commercial reflowing equipment it's a temporary fix at best and quite a few home ovens can't get hot enough to melt the lead free solders used these days anyway.
    If the card really NEEDS to be reflowed it's probably well past its use by date, either look for your original invoice and see if you can RMA it or start researching a replacement.
  3. It's actually for my old GPU (MSI 8400 GS), I just wanna get it working cause I'm planning to build my family a PC soon with spare parts (I already have a mobo and case). Thanks for the answer guys anyway, I'm just gonna go to my cousin's house and use their oven XD
  4. that was started as a joke.. Don't do it..people have started housfires doing dumb stuff like this.
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