MSI 970A-G46 USB 3.0 only work with USB 2.0 Devices

So I've never actually tried to use my USB 3.0 ports for a USB 3.0 device before. I just bought a Seagate 4tb USB 3.0 external harddrive and it works fine on my USB 2 ports but when I plug it into USB 3 the light comes on but nothing happens with the drive. Doesn't show up anywhere. I've resinstalled the USB 3 drivers countless times and made sure USB 3 was enabled in the BIOS, but I'm not sure what else I can try. When I plug a USB 2 device into my USB 3 port, like my mouse, it works just fine.

Motherboard: 970A-G46
External Drive: Seagate 4TB Expansion Drive

Could someone please help me. I could really use the extra speed from the USB 3.
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  1. usb 3.0 controller working in Control Panel, Device Manager? Do other usb devices work in any usb 3.0 ports?

    You downloaded the driver for the external hard drive?
  2. As far as I can tell the USB 3.0 controller is working in Device Manager. I'll paste screenshot below.
    My kb/m work from the USB 3 ports but my webcam and speakers won't.

  3. click on them and open the up. Do all of them say "this device is working properly"?
  4. They do all say "This device is working properly".
  5. Do other things work in the usb3.0 ports?
  6. My mouse and keyboard work in the ports but my speakers and webcam don't.
  7. Have you installed the drivers for the speakers and webcam?
  8. Yes the drivers are installed and showing the device manager.
  9. Are there any other ideas for this? Right now my 4TB USB 3 external drive is working at about 28 mb/s.
  10. So - your usb3.0 ports work. Just not with speakers and webcam.

    Try different speakers.

    Try a different webcam.
  11. They also don't work with my external hard drive either. The only thing that seems to work in the USB 3 ports are the keyboard and mouse.
  12. Try different speakers. (why aren't you using the rear the 3.5mm plugs?)

    Try a different webcam.

    Installed the ext hdd driver?
  13. Hi, not sure if you are still having this problem but... I was having the same issue as you were and what I did was, I downloaded the ASMEDIA USB 3.0 driver for my board from the MSI website, I plugged in my WD External and I got the (Unkown device caution sign in my device manager) I right clicked it, install driver, and browse for the file... It fixed in instantly and my harddrive is now showing... I found this strange as I had already installed this driver a while ago. I was wracking my brains looking for a solution online. Hope this helps, Andy.
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