Can my 280 W PSU run the ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX650 Synergy Edition 1GB?

Here are my specs:
i3 -2100 processor
4gb Ram
280 W PSU

And my PSU says something like this when I opened the CPU and saw it.
Voltage Current Frequency
230V- 5A 50hz-60hz

V output: +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB PS-on POK COM
(some colours were there in the next line)


Max 150W 240W 10W 10 W
280 W

If not... can you recommend me another psu? or there a low consumption card in the same range?
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  1. GTX750 no problem consumes less! Actually according to this the GTX650 and even GTX750Ti having 20 amps on the +12 volts.
  2. Are you sure sir? because it says minimum requirement is 400 W and mine is 280 W maximum.
  3. The link I posted shows actual total system power consumption measured at the wall, so I am sure. Requirements are always stated high.
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    *I recommend the Asus R9-270, but read more for my reasons (in part due to the free games):

    The rule-of-thumb for graphics cards is that the power supply must have the proper 6/8-pin connectors.

    The GTX750Ti and GTX750 can get by with most 300Watt power supplies. The ASUS GTX750Ti can't likely as it requires a 6-pin connector (that means most 750Ti's use under 75Watts max). In some cases there are MOLEX->6-pin adapters that may work depending on the power supply but no guarantees but you appear to have no problem since your CPU isn't too demanding.

    Not sure I understand your power supply numbers, but if it's a 280W then it's likely about 20Amps on the 12V rail maximum (20A x 12V = 240Watts). The other voltages would make up the remaining Wattage. I don't understand how you could support 25A at all since 12x25 = 300 which exceeds your total wattage on the 12V rail alone.

    If we assume about 60Watts for the CPU (has a 65W TDP) that leaves 180Watts as the 12Volts is mainly the graphics card and CPU. It never works out this exact however, nor do you want to stress things too much but it looks like there's plenty of power to install a GTX750Ti, even the ASUS version though you'd need the adapter.

    (Another site showed about 100Watts when stressing the i3-2100 CPU not counting the graphics card idle power. So the GTX750Ti, i3-2100 setup would use roughly 175Watts max not counting other devices but they can add up.)

    *The Asus R9-270 is slightly too powerful however you can get the card (after rebate) for $151 and it comes with TWO FREE GAMES from a list (such as Sniper Elite III, and Tomb Raider).

    The cost of the free games should easily cover the cost of the power supply and the card is more powerful than a GTX750Ti. It's also possible according to my calculations that your existing power supply may work (with MOLEX-> 6-pin adapter) but it's close.

    It requires a single 6-pin power connector so something like an Antec VP-450 ($38) would work. Update, EVGA 430W for $20 after MIR.

    **The ASUS R9-270 can also be overclocked by about 20% though you wouldn't even attempt on your 280W power supply. The card max is 138Watts. Add that to about 100W from before and that's 238W plus other fans etc so just not going to work.

    I recommend the Asus R9-270, and EVGA 430W. That's $171 (after rebates, before tax) but again you get two free games. The games are not worth $100 really, but on average closer to $50 due to Steam prices. Sniper Elite III is newer though and costs $50 but I would never buy it for that. Let's just say $60 so you're paying $111 before tax/rebates. Not bad!!


    Power Supply ($20 on sale after MIR):
  5. Thank you rolli59 and photonboy! You both were helpful!
  6. But yeah, I forgot to mention that my usb sometimes disconnects when other appliances in the house start. Does this mean that my psu is already overloading. or will it not affect the graphics card? I can live with the occasional disconnection of usb so i wouldn't change my psu if not needed.
  7. That would be a motherboard problem, not PSU.
  8. Ok! Thank you . I have ordered for the graphics card and it will be there till 26th july. Thanks again!
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