Sensei RAW Frost Blue doesnt work

So basically i bought my mouse and it worked fine untill today when i installed steelseries engine 3 and it said i should do a firmware update. So i started it and halfway through it said it failed now my mouse wont respond no matter what usb i plug it in and all it does it has the blinking light for the CPI changer and i dont know what to do please help!
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  1. probably have to contact them and send it back and get a new one. usually when a firmware update fails, the device has nothing to work with or know how to run at all. it's blank and can't do anything.
  2. Well problem is i dont know if they will send me a new one since i dont have any warranty (bought from ebay) and i was wondering if there is anyway for me to reset the firmware to the factory settings by openinng it up? I dont want to do it if i dont know its possible
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    99% no way to fix it by opening it up. If you are very good with electronics, have a tsop flasher, etc, you could maybe, maybe, maybe, lift the chip and flash it manually, and solder it back down, but not for the faint of heart, and possibly not even possible.

    The problem is, that if the firmware update died in the middle, there is no firmware to tell it what model it is, etc, in order to accept a new firmware. That's why removing the chip and doing a raw flash might work but you need the know-how and the tools to do it properly.
  4. Okay thanks i just checked with the seller and it should still have a warranty, fingers crossed thanks for the info though :) just annoying wanted to avoid a replacement considering how slow companies are with this kind of things :/
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