First computer build won't turn on! HELP!!!

I just built my firs pc using athlon 5350, this mobo 4GB Ram, a 250GB seagate hd and this PSU which does not have a power switch on it.
I used the prodigy m case by bitfenix.
I think I did most of the build correctly, but am not sure if I connected the connectors on the side panel of the case on the right bit of the motherboard, or in the correct orientation.
The trouble is, the computer just won't start. The fans don't start, and no lights come on.
Any ideas as to what could be the problem?
I am sure all of the other connectors are in the correct orientation.

Thank you!
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  1. But which part of the motherboard do you use to connect the side panel connectors? Does which way around they are matter?
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    If you are referring to the F_panel (power sw, led sw etc) it is the white connector on the bottom right of your board and there is a diagram there that shows how it should be plugged in, or refer to F_panel in your instruction manual.
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