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I have This cpu fan on my fx-8320, Regardless of what I am doing it gets up to 80 degrees plus, I was looking at another fan but don't know which to get or as to whether I should just get a different cpu cooler, I do moderate gaming but even playing such things as AOE2 or Rust etc. It hits that high, when not under load it idles at 50 degrees.
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  1. Room temperature?
    Are you sure you correctly installed the cpu cooler?
    You may want to try reapplying the thermal paste and readjusting the cpu cooler.
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    You have the cooler installed wrong or you used too much or too little thermal paste. Those temps are WAYY too high you risk damage to a fx processor if temps go over 62c. It should idle at 30c or lower and never exceed 60c with that cooler.
  3. That is quite hot so..
    Is it overclocked?
    What are your room temps?
    Is it well-attached to the cpu lid?
    How much thermal paste did you apply between the lid and heatsink?
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